Are you dressing smart casual?

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In the past, dress codes were more defined than nowadays. People knew exactly what to wear for a specific occasion either it was a formal or a casual event. However, dress codes are changing according to the new needs of people.

Probably, you have already heard about smart casual but did not receive a clear definition of it and a practical way to implement this dress code in your daily life.

What is smart casual?

Well, you might think you just need to pick up randomly something formal like a suit shirt and matches it with something casual such as tennis shoes…

No way!

To create your perfect smart casual dress code you should use clothes that I will ideally put in a ‘grey area’.  All clothes that are not too casual or too formal should be part of this category.

For instance, if you mix a polo shirt with chino pants and brogues shoes, you will find yourself in that grey area that I mentioned before.

If you want to avoid any possible mistakes do not use pieces of clothing that are extremely casual such as ripped jeans, trainers, sweatpants, and hoodies or that are extremely formal such as pleated suit pants, suit shirts, suit jackets, ties and bow ties.

So, what should you wear?

Well, you can replace a suit jacket with a more casual fitted blazer.

In addition, rather than wear a formal suit shirt you can switch to a plaid or chequered shirt. You can also wear other patterns such as tartan, striped, houndstooth or Paisley.

Just keep in mind if your blazer has already a pattern in that case you should wear basic shirts.  So, in that case, you could wear a basic shirt with a chest pocket that will give you a less formal look than a basic suit shirt.

When it comes to trousers, I suggest wearing chino trousers.  I think they account for a perfect nuance between smart and casual. You can also wear trousers with a different textile such as corduroy in winter time or linen in the summer.

Regarding the shoe choice, I think that brogues shoes, both Oxford shoes, and Derby shoes, are still the best option. Maybe you could find some two-tone brogues shoes rather than the classic black ones.

In the summertime, if you think it’s too hot to wear brogues shoes you could switch to boat shoes or penny loafers.

Finally,  there are no strict rules about the perfect smart casual dress code as it really depends on the event that you are going to attend.

For instance, if you need to attend a business party or a dinner in a restaurant with some colleagues, well it’s better to follow all the types that I mentioned before.

However, if you need to go in a night out with your friends and still want to keep that smart touch but being a little bit more sporty then you could even wear designer sneakers with blue jeans and always keeping your blazer and shirt.

All this is going to show that you always need to wear something that you are comfortable with and it makes you feel confident in yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you wear but how do you wear! Keep it in mind!

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