4 patterns you should have in your wardrobe!

Which patterns do you have in your wardrobe? Do you know how to match them? Patterns can play a crucial role when it comes to defining your style and personality.

I don’t think we can state the best fashion patterns as they really depend on your taste and feel comfortable with a piece of clothing with a specific design.

However, we will analyse four vogue patterns that are widely used nowadays.

  • Polka dots

polka dots.jpg

As you might have noticed, there is a connection between this pattern and the polka dance that became quite popular in Europe and North America in the first half of the 19th century. Maybe, the round shape of this pattern is associated with couples’ circular shapes when they dance polka.

Polka dots are both used for casual or formal outfits.  When it comes to a casual outfit, you can use this pattern both for shirts and trousers.

By using polka dots, you can really diversify what colour you want to go for. Blue and black shirts with white dots are the most common ones, but you can really vary both the colour and the size of your polka dots to personalise your style.

If you wear a polka dot shirt or polka dot trousers, try to keep the rest of your look neutral. So, if you wear a polka dot shirt, match it with plain trousers or blue jeans. Likewise, if you wear polka dot trousers, you can match them with a basic T-shirt, shirt or pullover.

However, if you really want to put your style to the next level and try something new, you can mix your polka dot trousers with a Breton stripes top.

Remember, when in doubt, polka dots and stripes always work!

  • Stripes


Stripes are a very versatile pattern and will allow you to look effortlessly stylish. Indeed, you just need to wear a striped tee and match it with basic pants or jeans. Jeans are actually the best friend of stripes as they create together a timeless look.

So, it can be a wise choice to always keep a striped T-shirt in your wardrobe. You can wear it both in the morning and in the evening, so if you have had a busy afternoon and you want to grab a drink with your friends afterwards, you don’t need to go home to change your outfit.

Once you get used to the striped patterns, you can always add more striped items to your wardrobe, such as a striped blazer or a bomber jacket. Namely, a striped blazer is perfect for a night out with your friends. Since blazers tend to have a boxy shape highlighted by the stripes, you should wear straight-leg pants or skinny jeans.

  • Checks 


Tartan, plaid, Prince of Wales, houndstooth, Madras, gingham, windowpane… which is your favourite check pattern?

Checks account for one of the most common patterns or at least the one that men find easy to wear.

From suiting to streetwear, you have a wide range of items you can choose from. Some check patterns, such as windowpane (characterised by extensive checks), are more used for suits. In contrast, others such as plaid (indicated by vertical and horizontal bands that cross one another) are more used for the outdoors.

Why don’t you match your plaid shirt with a quilted vest, dark blue jeans and combat shoes for a perfect casual outfit?

  • Paisley  


Paisley pattern is characterized by colourful and curved abstract figures. Its name comes from Paisley’s town in Scotland, where shawls with this pattern were manufactured.

Indeed, Paisley patterns can be found in several accessories for men and women, such as scarves, ties and pocket squares.

However, you can even find Paisley shorts, T-shirts and shirts.

Match your blue Paisley shorts with a white polo shirt and blue espadrilles to enjoy these last summer days!

Start wearing these patterns and have fun by matching them!

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