Derby shoes or Oxford shoes?

Which are your favourite brogues? Do you know what the difference between them is? Let’s have a look together and learn how to wear them.

  • Oxford shoes


As you might have noticed, the main difference involves the lacing system. The quarters (the side tabs perforated with shoelace eyelets) are sewn under the vamp (the upper part of the shoe). Therefore, the main features of Oxford shoes will be a closed lacing system and an elongated toe.

When should you wear Oxford shoes?

Well, you should wear Oxford shoes on formal occasions. At work, during ceremonies or a business meeting, Oxford shoes will always match perfectly with your suit.

Some Oxford shoes can be more casual than others due to contrast panels or a color-block design. However, by choosing basic Oxford shoes, you will always look elegant and ready to face all formal events in your life.

Match a pair of brown Oxford shoes with a blue windowpane suit to look supremely stylish!

  • Derby shoes 


As you can see, Derby shoes are characterised by an open lacing system. The quarters are stitched on the top of the vamp, which is not sewn with the tongue.

The Derby shoes are less formal than brogues. However, they account for an excellent item to use when creating our smart casual look. Indeed, they will give us that perfect elegant touch to our style but being too formal.

Match your navy Derby shoes with a navy blazer, a white shirt and burgundy Chinos for a perfect smart casual look!

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