Tie-dye: a must-have for your wardrobe


Tie-dye is back! As you might have noticed, tie-dye print populated the 2018 collections, and it will probably be in vogue for the following years as well.

Tie-dye print became quite popular in the early 1960s and 1970s when it symbolised the radical lifestyles of that period. Nowadays, you might consider it a form of escapism from the classic patterns used to. It’s nothing but the result of an ancient resist-dyeing technique, which consists of protecting certain parts of the fabric, so the dye doesn’t reach it.

However, nowadays, there are several kinds of tie-dye effects. Some techniques such as the firecracker or the ice tie-dye involve a mix of bright colours while others present just a solid colour tie-dye.

You can find plenty of items with this striking effect. Indeed, it is used for T-shirts, sneakers, shirts and trousers.

A nice casual outfit might be wearing a tie-dye shirt, blue jeans and white Nike Air Force 1. You can choose the colour you like more for your tie-dye T-shirt as you will wear neutral sneakers and blue jeans which can be matched with all colours.

Keep a tie-dye t-shirt in your wardrobe and create your own style with it!

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