Streetwear must-haves for your 2021 wardrobe

2020 is coming to an end. Be ready by getting these must-haves for the following year.

This has been a unique year that people mostly spent at home. Probably you might have purchased something that finally you haven’t used at all. Don’t worry, nobody could blame you for that, and here you can find some tips to avoid making the same mistakes.

Before talking about the new 2021 must-haves, you might need still some pieces that can be very useful during this period.


It is not sure how long that situation could last, but if you buy a tracksuit this year, you will get a versatile piece suitable for several occasions. Whether you are chilling at home or going for a run, a tracksuit is an essential item for your 2021 wardrobe.

Cosy shoes: slides and slippers

If you want to try a different streetwear outfit and be comfortable even outdoors, slides and slippers can be the right choice.

On a sunny winter day, they can be a perfect choice for our streetwear outfit. You can match them with mid-calf socks.

Unisex Clothing

In 2021 will be even more anachronistic to categorise clothes only for men and women. 2020 has seen the fusion of pieces normally coming from two different sexes. For instance, skirt shorts become popular among guys. T-shirts, drop-crotch joggers, and hoodies are clothes that both men and women could use no matter the colour or sex.

After having analysed what you can still get for the 2020 winter collection, here is a list of some items, you should get for the following year.

Iridescent clothes

If you want to look effortlessly stylish, you just need to wear an iridescent item.

Something that can always be a good choice is an iridescent puffer jacket. The sheds of light will create a rainbow effect while hitting your coat. Indeed, you won’t be unnoticed while wearing it. Of course, try to wear it during the day to get the rainbow effect. Also, since the puffer jacket will create a multicoloured effect, it will be wise to match it with a basic white hoodie and blue denim jeans. If you want to complete your outfit, you can try to match the puffer jacket with your sneakers. You can try to use one of the rainbow colours. Red, orange, or yellow are all colours that can be used in this outfit.

Otherwise, stick to timeless white sneakers.

Black and gold outfit

Black is one of the colours that never be out of fashion. For the following year, though, try to match it with a gold item. For instance, you can go for a gold chain or a gold bracelet. The gold accessories and details that you will add to your black outfit will enrich it and give a glamour touch.

Finally, keep in mind that trends will probably fade, but style doesn’t.

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